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Our mission is to optimize entrepreneurial planning and business procedures with solutions and services capable of providing our clients with benefits, creating value for its collaborators, shareholders and society as a whole.


Our vision reflects on being a partner and an innovative company, offering solutions and services for entrepreneurial planning with competitive prices and high quality.


We believe cooperation makes a good partnership. We need to be flexible and agile in order to respond to our clients’ needs. We take them in consideration. We are creative, we challenge the market daily, and we generate innovation. We establish strong relations with our clients based on trust and team work.

Social and Environmental Responsibilities

GreenLeaf embraces the principles of sustainable development, being the environment therefore a major component of its strategy and entrepreneurial procedure. GreenLeaf assumes clear compromises concerning the continued environmental development, in order to minimize and prevent environmental impact resulting from our activity on local communities, surroundings and environment as a whole.


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