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At GreenLeaf, each challenge is an opportunity of development.

What makes GreenLeaf a good career opportunity?

GreenLeaf focuses on software management consulting, technology services and support. With presence in Portugal and Brazil, we give response to enterprises of almost all economy segments. Our label is recognized in our acting areas, being associated to a wide resource network and large experience in business procedures. Nowadays, we know how to quickly mobilize people, combine skills, encourage partnerships and choose the right technologies that lead to innovation.

What does GreenLeaf do?

GreenLeaf helps its clients identifying and starting new business models, increasing their incomes in already existing markets and presenting their products and services in a proper way. Having consistent experience interacting with business and technology, we help our clients changing the way they conduct their businesses, regardless of the starting point being procedure adaptation or the conception of new solutions.

The career

How do you fit in all this?

Whatever your goals are, you will find a wide spectrum of options at GreenLeaf. This company is divided in three departments: Consulting, Technological Solutions and Services. Each one of them contributes to business success in a distinct but complementary way. And each one of them offers a different working experience.

Consulting combines knowledge and expertise from diverse businesses, industries and technological and functional areas. The experts of this department are responsible for the conception, manufacture and implementation of high-value solutions, which help our clients to lead their way to high performance. The Technological Solutions Department focuses on the development of software and its implementation, system management and maintenance, based on a high level of specialization on modern tools of information technology.

The team of this department directly collaborates with GreenLeaf consultants and experts, creating a global network of technological solutions. The Service Department is responsible for coordinating the GreenLeaf projects, establishing long-term partnerships with our clients for planning critical business procedures. Theses teams work directly with the client, managing and perfectioning the functional and technical key procedures of our clients.

Professional Development

What do you gain from being a part of it?

The international recognition we cherish is the result of the hard work of an unbeatable and highly productive team, which benefits from its cultural, educational and geographical richness.

These different backgrounds are the source of original business and technology solutions, which enable our clients to be even more successful in all aspects of their business, from strategical planning to daily procedures. Having a career at GreenLeaf means to actively participate in this success and being financially rewarded accordingly to one’s own dedication.

Does GreenLeaf encourage professional development?

GreenLeaf relies on creative, enthusiastic and talented people who desire to continue learning and developing further. As intelligence is the most important active factor in the company, each year considerable resources are invested in continued training and periodical evaluation, in order to guide towards specific knowledge. Our goal is to impel careers and encourage our teams through their professional path.


Chalenges and rewards

At GreenLeaf you will find a creative and helpful environment, where you can face new challenges and turn them into rewarding experiences. Here you will have the opportunity to work with people as yourself: intelligent, capable, who share you ambitions and have a lot to teach.

Surf through our website and start a search at “Opportunities” according to your professional profile. Should you gain interest in any of them, send us your curriculum online.