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GreenLeaf is a Sage Business Partner

GreenLeaf  is an IT company which operates in the business consulting area, implementing computing solutions of integrated entrepreneurial management. Our mission is to respond to the needs of our clients and exceed their expectations, presenting the best business management solutions to ease the decision-making. Simultaneously, we provide the necessary support, consulting and consultancy, in order to assure that you achieve their business goals.

We operate as a facilitator through the management model definition by our partners until its implementation. Therefore, we believe that, this way, we can present the most adjusted technical solution to the business reality of our clients, in order for them to enhance and reinforce their global performance, the quality and level of their rendered services, contributing to expenses reduction related to the internal procedure running and administration.

GreenLeaf, SAGE business partner in Portugal, operates in the European and African market and is present in the Brazilian market through the company X3BR.


Sage is a global supplier of innovative management solutions, offering clients local experience and unique support at an international level. These solutions help our clients to simplify the procedure management in order to improve their visibility and to turn the decision-making swifter and more efficient. Undeniably,  SAGE Group enjoys internationally notoriety and leadership in the development of management solutions and services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).