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We have a solution idealised for you!

Since each client is unique and its satisfaction is our main goal, we offer a product range ever adjusted to your company demands, keeping up with your development. Are you looking for a management solution able to adjust to your business as it grows?


SME Solutions

The right choice for SMEs in Portugal! Being the result of the fusion of several leader companies in the national market, we gather integrated systems that enable the easy and flexible information treatment according to the demands of each business.

Focused on responding to the needs of our clients, the SME Division, keeping up with the market development, presents technologically advanced solutions, recognized for the optimization of business management procedures and produtivity growth, enabling companies to be more reactive and competitive in their operating market.

Sage Gestão Comercial

Sage Business Suite

Sage Gestexper

Sage Linha 50

Sage Next

Sage POS Standard

Sage Retail

Sage GesRest II

Sage Construção


Solutions for medium and large-sized entreprises

Thinking about the demands of leader companies! With a high-end portfolio of solutions for medium and large-sized enterprises, the Mid-Market Division gathers a top service for the specificities and demands of each business, in order to implement the best options of business management.

Knowing how to manage more and more information is a current and crucial challenge for companies. In order to achieve this, the most effective solution is reaching out to ERP tools (Enterprise Resource Planning), which are able to integrate all management procedures in a single and coherent information system.  

Soluções ERP

Soluções FRP

Soluções WMS

Soluções HR

Soluções CRM


Caso tenha dúvidas na solução que mais se adapta ao seu negócio, preencha o formulário e entraremos em contato consigo.

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