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Sage Construção

A complete management tool for Civil Construction and Public Works Companies.


Businesses in the Civil and Public Works sector have special needs with respect to a Management Solution.

The Construção line is a modular solution in accordance with national legislation, adapted to all the needs of the construction and related activities, both in public works, such as the particular and own.

Developed thinking on the technical aspects (estimators and project directors), administrative and financial, is a simple and efficient solution that can manage the business of small and medium enterprises.

Are general contractors or builders, but also to the activities of electrical and mechanical installations, sanitation, roads and earthworks, woodwork, metalwork, design offices and inspection, town halls, offices and technical support all public entities that require supervise works are potential users of the application.


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Functional organization

Based on a typical construction firm the middle segment, its functional organization will undergo a well-defined subdivision into sectors, and assigning to each of their activities related to its function.

Therefore, a definition of information flows that can occur between different departments and therefore should a computer application such meet the specific needs of each company is required.



Available Modules

Three modules are available for sale:


  • Budgets
  • Autos
  • Integrated Management of Construction



All modules can be sold individually, except for automobiles, we need the Budgets.


Other Features

In comunication with Sage Next line, the platform that supports the application Sage Construção, there are common features to other Sage applications that allow complete flexibility and parameterization.


Integrated Solution

In order to meet the various departments of the client company, this product allows variations based on their organizational capacity.

One of the characteristics of the application Sage Construção is running with the accounting area of Sage integrated applications . This integration can be done by discharge Linha 50, 100 and Gestexper, and automatically with Sage Next line.