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Sage POS Standard

The New Generation of POS


  • Certified software: invoicing, transportation and guides withholding
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Linux, Android and soon iOS (iPad/ iPod)
  • Optimized for ARM processors and portable terminals
  • Remote access to data
  • Interface with Sage Retail Backoffice with inventory management and accounts of suppliers


Optimization and Specificity

  • Simplified solution for retail, supporting Multi-platform: Windows, Linux, Android;
  • Dynamic, functional and very easy to use Touch-Screen Solution;
  • Register with Barcode Reader;
  • Screen with products, their families and images;
  • Partial payments on the same account;
  • Management of clients with sales on credit / debit cards and their checking account;
  • Dynamic menu system with different values ​​depending on certain ingredients / products Menu;
  • Simplified registration amendments and cancellations of products still in registration (repeat button);
  • Multiple VAT rates for the same product can distinguish by tables or areas of the establishment; 
  • Integration with back-office management with stock (composite products / datasheets), purchasing, accounts from suppliers and banks;
  • Interface with printers beads, displays, barcode readers and scales checkout;
  • Quick and simplified creation of customer and product;
  • Commissions for employees;
  • SAFT analyzer;
  • Emission of transport guides with communication to AT;
  • Registration withholding


Flexibility and Robustness

  • Use on desktop or via web / browser (http / Cloud) and the user can access the application remotely is to query data (maps) or to interact with the application (creation / modification of products, etc.) in solution via the Internet;
  • Database can be in different location of the application (or remote Web server);
  • Registration on PC / traditional Pos; Tablets (Android, Windows and Linux)
  • Compatible with POS devices via IP; Windows internal driver or driver;
  • Database in MySQL.Pos via IP; Windows internal driver or driver;
  • Database in MySQL

Customer Fidelity

  • Different by customer / product prices;
  • Discounts as a percentage system, prices or supply line;
  • Deals of the type system: sell 2 pay 1, 2 or sells, the price paid special discount on the 3rd with, among other promotions;
  • Map of invoiced per client / total expense ever (importance of the customer) and the number of client visits;
  • Points per client / family / product system;
  • Sales management credit / debit payment receipt with the current account on various documents issued during a given time output;
  • Closures has quickly create client (or search for existing customers).

Advanced Management

  • Stock management when integrated with back-office Sage Retail allowing to analyze composite products using the datasheets (composition / production). Valuation of stock;
  • Management purchases and accounts of suppliers (when connected back-office Sage Retail) indicating the best price, price change cost, outstanding supplier by map;
  • When integrated with Sage Retail POS can manage the activities of other products, such as products for editing (magazines / newspapers);
  • In back-office Sage Retail allows automatic billing managing client (covenants for distribution) which guides / invoices per day are automatically generated, being indicated, for example, for bakeries). It also allows you to integrate with Auto-sales /Pre-sale terminals;
  • If integrated with Sage Retail, providing access to reports with custom maps and graphics.


Effective Control


  • Cash management with statement of cash per employee ("blind" fastener) with maps of sales by cash and employee;
  • Maps of product sales (by date), per customer, per documents (all invoices with detail), by family, and tax map;
  • Cash funds launched manually or automatically when it is closed;
  • Creating Multiple custom documents: simplified invoices, invoices, transportation, among others;
  • Automatic logging of defects (weight of dish is automatically deducted and varies from product to product);
  • Various prices at intervals of hours - Happy Hours
  • Possibility of change orders / accounts printers during the day (with different area by header);
  • Control employee for password, card or Ibuttom (may limit attendance to certain tables / areas), with levels of access application functionality;
  • Management fees per employee / product;
  • Management of families and sub​​-families for better organization of the product;
  •  Products with varying price and weight (with optional link automatically scales).