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Sage Gestão Comercial

A management solution to improve efficiency and profitability of your business, financial and logistical operations.

Gestão Comercial is a complete solution for the efficient management of your business: buy, sell and obtain the return of your products and services with greater profitability, at the right price, and the quality, quantity and appropriate deadline.

A solution adjusted to the needs of your company and to monitor the evolution of your business.
The new Sage Gestão Comercial is a flexible, comprehensive, simple to use and configure solution that responds effectively to the needs of any company management dedicated to commercial activity.
Sage Gestão Comercial is available in three editions - Start, Prime and Vision - which may be supplemented with additional specific modules, setting thus the needs of each company at all times. The evolution from one edition to another, and the implementation of additional modules is transparent, which allows you to adjust phasing and investment in the solution, depending on the evolution and growth of the business.

The need for integration with other systems is also contemplated adjacent the new Sage Gestão Comercial, including binding to accounting applications, self-sale applications, EDI, among others.
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Benefits and Robustness

A database adjusted to your business, safe and no size limit!

Sage Gestão Comercial can use two types of databases: Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. You can still file in the database, images, documents and other files, as if it were a digital file, and index these documents to a table of customers, suppliers and even documents of sales / purchases.

Data Security

Ensure that the information available in the system and operations are only accessed by authorized personnel!

To prevent unauthorized access and ensure the correct use of information provided, the application allows you to configure the data type or drive to that particular user has access.


A fully integrated tool with many applications!

Perfectly integrated with other Sage applications, allows you to export movements from sales and purchases for accounting applications Next, Gestexper and Linha 50.


Creation and Validation File SAFT-PT

Validate and confirm the contents of the file submitted to the tax authorities.

Dispose a tool for information analysis of the file SAFT-PT, that using automatic data crossing, allows you to make the conference information billing system and know in detail the contents of the tax information file.

Friendly Environment

Enjoy mechanisms for fast and intuitive access, allowing you to save time on routine tasks!

In the desktop application, you can enter multiple panels with specific business information in real time, including charts, backlogs of customers, turnover of products with profit margins - all on the main screen without having to access the reports. 


Purchases and Sales

Optimize the supply chain and enhances your sales!

Sage Gestão Comercial simplifies the provision process and sales, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Upon registration of the purchase, the user can easily compare the entries with orders placed from the supplier, together with the source documents on the same screen (similar to the picking process, manually or using the terminal count). The records of purchases is quick and intuitive, allowing, for example, the use of supplier references.





Auto Sales

Centralize your management!

Sage Gestão Comercial is also the perfect back-office processes for managing the sale of self, allowing establish an interface with their own solutions to auto sales in order to centralize its management, including the consolidation of sales and collections made​​, the planning and analysis of routes, establishment of committees, among other features essential for business mobility.


Automate processes periodic billing!

The covenants will simplify management processes of companies whose products and services must be billed with a constant frequency and regularity. It is especially relevant for service providers with periodic covenants companies and institutions that need to control the subscriptions of its members.


Stock Management

A right management to enrich your stock!

Sage Gestão Comercial allows to accurately determine the current or past situation of the stock of a given company, and predict their evolution in the near future. On the other hand, the tools to support provisioning based on sales, customer orders and stock replenishment least allow you to manage stock levels more efficiently, increasing your turnover and reducing spending on maintenance.

The inventory can be carried out with the support of data collectors or manually on a single screen where you can later examine breaks and gaps between dates and between stock counts. The movement and analysis of amount becomes even faster with the stock management by two units of measure (e.g., stock boxes and units of the same product).



Treasury Management

Increase liquidity and improve your financial situation!

Sage Gestão Comercial allows you to automate the management of receivables and payables as well as bank and cash handling, providing tools to help you plan more rationally allocate the liquid assets of the company.


Management Checking Accounts

Reduce the deadlines for receiving and improving the quality of loans!

The cash management processes, particularly in the estimated slope, not exempt efficient management of current accounts for the analysis of receivables and payables, as well as the liquidity of the securities held in the portfolio at a discount or sent to the Bank.

In this sense, the new Sage Gestão Coemrcial provides several means to analyze the quality of loans to customers and suppliers obtained with control ceilings, average payment and receipt and review the state of the portfolio.

To this end, the current account of each entity is busy and analyzed in a multidimensional perspective, a common breakdown between current account checks wallet, bills, payments, bad debts being carried out. This breakdown also assumes the possibility to register a current account movements between each of the dimensions (checking account for checks in the portfolio, for example).


Information always available

Management indicators and maps available in real time to speed up the decision-making time!

Sage Gestão Comercial offers dozens of predefined maps and listings, which, however, can be customized according to the interests and role of each user. At the same time, you can take advantage of visual alerts and colored panels for a quick perception of the results of the mediation and company performance.

The fields display each listing as well as the arrangement can be saved for future reference and exported in various formats (Excel, PDF, etc..). You can create specific maps from other maps and charts, thus adapting the tools of analysis to the management objectives of the company.