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Sage Gestexper

A complete and reliable solution, easy and versatile, that ensures the overall data processing of small and medium enterprises.


The specific culture of these products gives it a particular space in this market segment, the simplicity of the setting, clarity of concepts and the rapid initiation of the work process.

The Gestexper Line includes applications covering various areas of running a business, ensuring a simple but broad base of work.



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Data Integrity

All Gestexper applications have at their disposal powerful diagnostic tools that, in addition to verify the existence of any errors parameterization and / or drive, automatically corrects data inconsistencies, thus ensuring absolute reliability of existing information in the databases.

Friendly Workflow 

With an intuitive and practical interface, Gestexper line allows a smooth interaction between the user and the system, making launching movements / documents, searches, issuing maps, etc..

Each application has a configurable work environment. User can configure several panels that display various information: indicators of business or activity (with or without imaging), navigation aids for instant access to the main activities of each applicational area and various alerts (new implemented features, tips and tricks , current promotions, among others).


It is increasingly important to provide mechanisms for simplified communication with customers and employees. As such, all applications Gestexper line have a function quickly sending SMS messages through any type of phone connected to the PC, which allows sending alerts and promotional messages to a set of clients as well as targeted messages the company's employees.

Documents and Reports with Crystal Reports

In addition to the documents and reports distributed with the applications, you can create your own printing templates of documents and their analysis in Crystal Reports and subsequently use them for printing documents and maps.

WEB Services

The Gestexper applications enjoy the WebServices technologies that save hours of work in downloading and updating of "Off-Line Applications" of DGITA and manual submission of information to the extent that the entire process of submission of electronic declarations is carried out directly from applications, guaranteeing reliability and security.

Integrated Help

Because the production of documentation is an essential stage in the development of software in addition to the manuals provided together with applications, are provided online and also helps aid field to field that assist the user in resolving any difficulties.

Integration with Office and PDF Export

All reports, maps and lists present in Gestexper applications can be exported to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc..) And PDF formats, thus facilitating the exchange of information within the company and between the company and third parties.

Creation and Validation File SAFT-PT

Dispose a SAFT-PT file analysis tool that, using automatic data crossing, allows you to validate the information for invoicing and accounting system and know in detail the contents of the tax information file.