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Sage Next

A solution adjusted to your company and to monitor the evolution of your business.


Sage Next line is a complete and integrated system of information, supplemented by important analysis tools that allow an easy and versatile way global information processing according to the specific needs of small and medium enterprises.

This software is a bet of Sage for the most demanding companies in this market segment. An integrated solution that enables greater scalability with broader concepts and is constantly evolving.

The Next ERP is presented in three solutions: Base, Prime and Vision. This set of solutions enables you to start with a simpler solution and migrate in a fast and simple way for the following solutions, following the growth of your business. This scalability allows you to recover the initial investment and dispense new investments in training and implementation.

The various modules Complementary Next are indispensable to the management of organizations with more specific needs.

Sage Next ERP is an integrated system consisting of a set of applications covering all areas of running a business!
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Integrated System

Increase employee productivity and monotorize your business!

Composed of several applications covering all areas of running a business, whatever its size or industry, ERP Next makes the simplest daily operations, reducing costs of computerization, increasing employee productivity, freeing time to explore new business opportunities.


Next suits the needs of your company and your business!

Because there are specific business rules, Sage Next ERP includes a tool that allows you to develop solutions to adapt the ERP customization to the unique needs of each company and each business. A solution of customization may act at the level of each application, adding entities to the system (eg, creating a new table), enhance existing entities with new features (eg, add a field to a table), and change the behavior of system with the introduction of code in their respective events (eg, preventing the recording of a document if certain event takes place).

Data Support

Enjoy a platform for secure, efficient data and no size limit!

Using as support Microsoft SQL-Server database platform, this solution enables better resource management, enhanced data security, databases without size limit, higher performance, maintenance and recovery of databases. In addition, SQL-Server is based on client / server architecture, which allows to reduce the processing load, in that the split between the client system and the server system.

Creation and Validation SAFT-PT File

Validate and confirm the contents of the file submitted to the AT!

The importance of analysis, verification and monitoring of the quality of information processed by different systems is a reality that has preoccupied most companies. Arrange a information tool for analysis SAFT-PT files that, using automatic data crossing, allows you to make the conference information for invoicing and accounting system and know in detail the contents of the tax information file.

Data Security

Ensure that the information available in the system and its operations are only accessed by authorized personnel!

To prevent unauthorized access and ensure the correct use of information provided, ERP Next to configure the type of data or drive to that particular user has access.

Friendly Workflow

Enjoy fast access mechanisms, organized into logical groups, which allow you to access the various options.

All applications that comprise the ERP Next are endowed with an ergonomic, practical and friendly environment that facilitates user interaction with the system, allowing quick access to relevant functions for the task performed.
Each application has a configurable work environment. User, you can configure several panels that display various information: indicators of business or activity (with or without imaging), navigation aids for instant access to the main activities of each applicational area and various alerts (new features implemented, and tricks tips, current promotions, among others).

Each application includes a sidebar for quick access, which allows confirgurar by user logic with the most performed tasks in the application and most used programs external groups. In order to meet the needs of individual users, screens Posted poderm be adjusted, allowing you to change the order or hidden / available columns in grids, increase or decrease the size of the moving window by accessing all the updated information with a simple click.

Information always available

Quickly get all the information you need.

An inherent feature of all is the interconnection applications with Microsoft Office, allowing the export of documents, reports, maps, queries and lists to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format, also allows your submission via email, thus facilitating the exchange of information. For rapid analysis of information from maps or listings in all modules is also possible to extract the information contained in lists or maps in tabular or even Pivot Table.

In addition to the variety of maps and documents distributed with the application formats the Next ERP includes several tools that allow you to modify or create new analyzes / reports / document formats, also with the possibility to use Crystal Reports as a designer for documents or maps.

WEB Services

Secure, accurate, rapid and current form, submit their tax returns.

Use of the Web "self-service" is now a reality in applicational context. The technology used so far in WebServices updated information from databases of companies (such as IRS Exchange, Fixed Salary ...) was extended to the licensing application process as well as the automatic submission of statements to the servers of Tax Administration . This latter solution has enabled a savings of working hours in downloading and updating of "Off-Line Applications" of DGITA and manual submission of information, being recognized by the community of Chartered Accountants as one of the most important technological innovations in products Sage.


Stay in touch with your customers and employees.

Currently it is increasingly important to provide mechanisms for streamlined communications with their customers and employees. As such, all applications that comprise the ERP Next have a function quickly sending SMS messages through any type of phone connected to the PC that allows sending alerts and promotional messages to a set of clients as well as messages targeted at the employees of your company.