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Sage Linha 50

A complete and reliable solution that allows global information processing, according to the specific needs of each business.


With a high functional richness and flexibility, speed and simplicity of parameterization and use, adapts to any type of organization, ensuring automation of complex tasks and ensuring an improved procedures for monitoring any SME.

Linha 50 is comprised of Accounting, Personnel Management, Fixed Assets, Current Accounts and Billing applications, managing all areas of management of small and medium enterprises by automating the relationship with third parties (Tax Administration, Social Security, banks, etc.).




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Ensure all technical and functional upgrades, adapted to the English legal and fiscal reality!

Since its inception, Linha 50 has been enriched with new features that ensure all technical and functional upgrades, ensuring an accounting and business management perfectly adapted to the Portuguese legal and fiscal reality.

Integrated System

Increase employee productivity and monetize your business!

Comprising various applications covering all areas of management of small and medium enterprises, simplifies daily operations, reduces costs and increases productivity computerization of employees, freeing up time to explore new business opportunities.

Simple and complete installation

Linha 50 is distributed in a single installation package and incorporates all necessary for the proper functioning of the application components, allowing a faster and more efficient installation.

Creation and validation of SAFT-PT file

Validate and confirm the file delivered to the AT!

To respond to legal requirements in lawful in Portugal, is also contemplated the file creation SAFT-PT in Accounting and Billing applications; addition, due to the need to analyze, verify and monitor the quality of information processed by each of these applications, it is possible, through an analysis tool to verify the information database of the company and know in detail the contents of the file SAFT-T that will be sent to the tax authority.


Ensure that information is available on the system only accessed by authorized personnel!

To prevent unauthorized access and ensure the correct use of information provided, Linha 50 lets you set various access levels, ensuring that each user will have access to information and its processing.

Ergonomic Environment

Personalize the desktop of each user and enjoy fast access mechanisms and indicators of business / activity in real time!

Featuring an ergonomic environment, friendly and practical work, Line 50 makes user interaction with the system, allowing quick access to the main functions through the tasks performed by each user, providing a change of application through a single click.

For all applications, is also available a flow diagram of information, with the layout of the main activities of each applicational area assists the user in understanding the work process, providing instant access to key options of each applications.

WEB Services

Submit your tax returns via the web!

Use of the Web "self-service" is now a reality in applicational context. WebServices technology, also used in the updated information from the databases of companies (such as IRS Exchange, Fixed Salary ...), was extended to the licensing application process as well as the automatic submission of statements to the servers of Tax Administration.

Recognized by the community of Chartered Accountants as one of the most important technological innovations in Sage products, this technology facilitates the process of updating the database, saving you hours of work in downloading, updating the "Off-Line Applications" and submission of DGITA information manual.

Help field or field configurable

Access the information that suits you best .

All applications of this product line have a help system from field to field that tells the user the type of information required at each site; addition, if the user so wishes, you can create your own help text.

Documents and reports with Crystal Reports

Create your own print templates and analysis!

In addition to the documents and reports distributed with the application (created in the configurator 50 or Crystal Reports), you can still create your own designs to print documents and their analysis in Crystal Reports and subsequently use them for printing documents and maps.

Integration with Microsoft Office and PDF export

In order to facilitate the exchange of information within the company and between the company and third parties, all the applications that make up the Line 50 enables the export of documents, reports, maps, queries and listings for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc formats .) and PDF.


Easily export your documents!

Due to the increasing need for communication between the company and its employees, customers and suppliers, all applications Line 50 have a function that quickly sending SMS through a phone model or any connected mobile phone with your PC, allows sending alerts and messages to customers, suppliers, employees and registered companies.

Digital Archive

Access to existing records easily and quickly!

To allow an integral organizing information for a company, in all Line 50 applications you can associate files in digital format the drives and files facilitating teachers is thus access to information relating to existing records in the databases data.